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Ultimaker2 plus upgrade kit

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Ultimaker2 plus upgrade kit

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It's not the one from Ultimaker. This is my version of their upgrade kit. Much less expensive - please read description below.

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Ultimaker2 plus upgrade kit

Meduza Feeder Upgrade Kit

Ultimaker2 plus upgrade kit

Olsson Block

Ultimaker2 plus upgrade kit

0.25 JET RSB nozzle

Ultimaker2 plus upgrade kit

.40mm JET RSB Nozzle

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Ultimaker2 plus upgrade kit

.60mm JET RSB Nozzle

Ultimaker2 plus upgrade kit

0.80mm JET RSB Nozzle

Ultimaker2 plus upgrade kit

TFN (high tech Teflon) Spacer for UM2 or UM2+

Out of stock

Ultimaker2 plus upgrade kit

Ultimaker2 (and 2+) Hot End Heater 35W

Ultimaker2 plus upgrade kit

Temp Sensor



I personally have the plus upgrade kit on one of my four Ultimaker printers so I am familiar with it. It includes these things that I listed from what I feel are most important to least important:
  1. Olsson block with 4 nozzle sizes.
  2. 35W Heater - needed when printing with high volume for exaple .6mm (and larger) and doing thick layers such as .3mm to .6mm thick.
  3. extruder that can be opened so that it's easy to slide the filament in and out by hand - this lets you know if your bowden is stuck and can even help you diagnose issues with your teflon part.
  4. 2X geared extruder for 2X more power.
  5. New higher temp teflon isolator
  6. Spring replacement wtih less pressure on isolator
  7. feeder with grooved bearing to fit filament more snugly - not sure what the purpose is for this - to hold the filament in the right spot?
  8. slightly shorter head to give you more Z space for taller prints (only a few mm).
  9. Smaller spool holder that only holds one spool
  10. New fan shroud that has the fans blowing down instead of tilted
  11. New clips to hold in glass that are less likely to make your fingers bleed
I'm selling 1,2,4,5. Note that the meduza-feeder-upgrade you have to partly print yourself - details here
feature 3 is also found in the iroberti feeder which you can print yourself and you only need to buy about 2 screws (which come with my solution to #4, the meduza kit).
6 you can also print yourself
9 you can print lots of different spool holders. Personally I put the filament on the floor.
10 you can also print yourself but I've been pretty happy with the fan shroud that comes with the um2.
11 - I just use pliers instead of my fingers when opening those clips
I included zero .4mm nozzles above because you get one with the kit
I included temp sensor (default qty 0) because they break easily when taking the old one out of a non-olsson block. So if you want to be safe and don't mind spending the extra money then get this also. This step is tricky for some people and they break the sensor but I've gotten many out without breaking (I use wd40, heat, a sewing needle, and patience).

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