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0.25 JET RSB nozzle

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0.25 JET RSB nozzle

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.25mm JET RSB Nozzle. Compatible with e3d v6 nozzles designed for 3mm filament.


1mm nozzle for really fast prints. If you plan to do .5mm layer height it's recommended to also get a 35W or 40W heater.

These nozzles are e3dv6 compatible meaning they work with all versions of the Olsson block including the one on the Ultimaker 2+. They work on other reprap printers also.

The JET RSB have a revised tip angle, revised jet shoulder width and revised internal geometry, with a gentle slope leading down to the exit. They are also slippery inside, due to a special treatment.

These new nozzles are meant for Speed! Plastic will flow more easily than in most other nozzles. Atomic pulls work very well! The inside geometry makes it much harder for plastic to “hide in the corners”, so changing color/filament type will be quicker and safer.

For "3mm" filament (not 1.75mm filament).


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